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Veld Architects is a modern architecture firm in Lanseria, Johannesburg. We chose this name with purpose because the environment is central to who we are. We understand the impact building can have on the environment and consider all the aspects of this when we design homes for our clients.

Not only will your home be designed to fit in with its immediate environment using the sustainable building practices, but it will also be designed by a professional with years of experience in the field of architecture. We get to know who you are and from there, and will design a house unique to your requirements and preferences.


Soil and Serenity

Set in the tranquil and undulating hills of the Highveld and overlooking the Rhenosterspruit Conservancy valley is a building that tells a story of soil ...

Ode to the Industrial Revolution

As exclusive architects in Johannesburg we developed the Veld Lifestyle that not only epitomises the aspirations of our clients but also carefully considers Green Architecture...
Veld Architects - House on a Plateau

Modern Industrial Home on a Plateau

This modern industrial home showcases our contemporary approach to architecture. We understand that a home should represent the residents’ passion for outdoor living...
Veld Architects - Modern Established Farmhouse

Modern Established Farm House

This luxury home has been fitted with smart home technology to reduce its operational costs, improving its sustainability. In addition this technology also offers the ...
Veld Architects - Contemporary Farmhouse

Contemporary Farm House

One example of this is the modern steel pergolas utilised for shading and congregating instead of the traditional wrap around verandas. Situated on the Northern ...
Veld Architects - Simplicity, Light and a Shed

Simplicity, Light & a Shed

In the design of this modern farmhouse we used innovative design rational to produce a modest, minimalist residential architecture result. Situated on a hill with ...
Veld Architects - Deconstruction of a House

Deconstruction of a House

As exclusive design architects we are able to interpret our clients’ requirements in unique ways to create the luxury homes that epitomize their ideals. This ...
Veld Architects - House with a View

House with a View

Veld Architects is an award-winning architecture studio in Johannesburg boasting a team of expert professional architects. We are inspired by new and experimental design principles...
Veld Architects - House in the Valley

House in a Valley

A home that pays homage to patio living. This residential architecture has a large central patio area that forms the heart of this home. In ...
Veld Architects - House over the Hills

House Over the Hills

Perfectly situated on the northern slope of the Highveld eco-estate Carlswald, this project was conceived as a response to the specific environment and embraces the ...
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