Veld Architects are Rebranding

Veld Architects Is Rebranding

Q + A with Gillian Holl about change, the firm’s core values & its imminent rebrand


“It’s not about standing still and becoming safe. If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change.” ― Miles Davis

If you’ve been following Veld Architects closely, you might know that we are in the process of change. Not only have we been working on a rebrand (which is nearing its final stages), but we’ve also broadened our scope of work.

We’ve asked a couple of questions to Gillian Holl, our lead architect, and the brain behind Veld Architects, to shine the spotlight on our story. While some things are changing a lot is staying the same in a sense. And we hope these answers will help to clarify which is which.

Q: Where and how did you come up with the idea of Veld Architects?

“After university I did a lot of travelling and found myself mesmerised with the level of detail infused in the buildings overseas. Compared to the African context, architects abroad seemed like they were methodical and really took the time to put a building together with care. This inspired me and stuck with me.

Later, after I got married and started a family, a house began to possess a completely different appeal to me. I realised that it was far more than just a home but rather a sanctuary. A place people could come together. I discovered that an architect’s role could and should be more profound than just the drawing up of plans. It should be about meaningful placemaking, considering the relationship of a building to its context. The natural landscape, sun angles and exposure to nature in general. Essentially, Veld was born from a desire to design differently, with more detail and with the well-being of people and the planet at the core.”

Veld Architects Concept


Q: Tell us about the name Veld Architects. How did you decide on it?

“Veld Architects was originally named Field Architects after my maiden name, Field. I loved that it had a connection with nature too, which has always been important to me. When it became time to register the business, we learned that it was unfortunately already registered. Luckily, the Afrikaans translation was available. Making the change to Veld Architects felt right on more levels than one. It had local authenticity. It was simple, raw, and natural with its connection to veld grass and the bushveld. It was also unpretentious and significant, almost like it was meant to be…”

Veld Architects Name Origination

Q: What are the core values of the firm?

“Our core values are:

Authenticity ­– To embody the essence of cultural identity, historical context, and genuine expression, shaping spaces that resonate with meaningful narratives, and material use.

Holism ­– To integrate design, functionality, sustainability, and human experience and create harmonious environments that enrich lives and communities.

Integrity – To uphold ethical principles, craftsmanship, and honesty, fostering trust and enduring beauty in built environments.

And at the heart of it all – Hearth – where we aim to infuse spaces with warmth, comfort, and a sense of belonging, that will invite connection and shared experiences.”

Veld Architects Core Values

Q: Why did you and the team decide it was time for a rebrand?

 “The rebrand is not about changing who we are. It is about foundationally cementing exactly what we are about into our brand. We wanted our principles and values to be more visible. Because we are unique and driven by pioneership in the built environment, we needed our brand to reflect us as change agents.

Also, when we design, we don’t think of the building itself initially. We focus on the people who will occupy the space. We ask questions like ‘What will they do there?’ and ‘What would make them happy and productive?’ Plus, we prioritise nature before we design. We look at ways to tread lightly, be ethical and more sustainable with the projects before we zone in on the aesthetics. And we wanted our brand to really encompass all of this.”

Time to rebrand Veld Architects

Q: What does the future look like for Veld?

“We want to design more meaningful spaces. More bespoke homes, more commercial and hospitality projects, and everything in between. And we want to do this locally and internationally. Over the past several years, we’ve received a lot of recognition overseas, and we believe we can take the Veld dream further afield.

We will also collaborate more with artists, craftsmen and women and other interesting parties going forward. Taking “local is lekker” one step further by showcasing our proudly South African talent. Watch this space as we’ve got a lot up our sleeve.”

Future of Veld Architects

Q: Are you shifting away from bespoke home design?

“Not at all. This will remain a key focus area of ours. However, over the years the progression has been natural. We have always been open for other projects, and as time went on our core values have started to resonate with a wider audience. We are thrilled to show the world what we’ve got.”

We look forward to sharing the rebrand soon. Follow us on social media to be the first to see it.

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