Experience your Veld home virtually!

The use of virtual reality has its roots in visual communication science but disparate mechanisms and applications set it apart from the many tools of visualisation. Virtual reality has become one of Veld Architects most effective ways of enabling our clients to truly experience their homes.

Virtual reality transforms the 2D floor plan presentations and 3D models into a visual perceptive world where our clients can experience the spatial design we envision for their  future build first-hand. It’s the most powerful way in our modern society to experience design of buildings in reality. It is especially helpful when dealing with clients that grapple with the perception of space and the legibility of 2D plans.

If you want to virtually walk through your dream home before the final plans are drawn, partner with the architecture firm that makes use of the best and most modern technology available in the industry.

Live the Veld Lifestyle. Make your next home a Veld home.

Virtual Reality - Panoramic View 1

Panoramic View 1

Panoramic View 2

Virtual Reality - Panoramic View 3

Panoramic View 3

Virtual Reality - Panoramic View 3

Panoramic View 4

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