Revamping for your health: Ideas to get more from the outdoors at home

“Time to spring-clean” refers to more than just the sorting out and cleaning of everything inside the home. It is a metaphor for living a deeper, more meaningful and healthier life. We do this by reorganising and re-examining every aspect of our lives. Did you know that humans spend an inordinate amount of time inside buildings? It is therefore essential to relook how we can revamp our homes into healthier spaces and encourage a better connection with the outdoors in the process. 

Here are some ideas to renovate your home for your health this spring!

Redefine boundaries between inside and outside living areas

Blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors has been a hot trend for a couple of years now. Particularly in sunny South Africa. Here, it is easy to recognise why this trend won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Large windows and fold-away doors not only allow more natural light and fresh air to enter the home but they also extend a home into the outdoors.

Create a rooftop garden

Properties that are built next to water or have smaller footprints can look to their roofs to create the connection with the outdoors they are looking for. Rooftop gardens are very popular because of the added CO2 sequestering benefits, plus it cools down the home and attracts more bees and wildlife to the home. Rooftops can also be used as terraces and could be the ideal place to install the pool of your dreams.

Create an outdoor kitchen

Essentially, South Africans who love to braai have been doing this for decades already. But what if you didn’t need to go inside the house to prepare those side dishes? Outdoor kitchens can be as simplistic or as extravagant as you would need them to be.

Create an indoor-outdoor bathroom

There is a good reason why spas across the globe mirror the Japanese-style bathroom look. It simply looks idyllic. Imagine having a bathroom that instills tranquility and destresses body, mind and soul? An indoor-outdoor bathroom can do this and so much more.

Address your indoor air quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important part of any “spring-cleaning” or revamp process. Address allergens by removing any mold, pesticides, asbestos, lead paint etc from the home. Replacing carpets with cleanable natural surfaces are also essential. Air quality can also be improved by adding larger cleverly located windows and doorways into the home to enhance air circulation. Air purifying indoor plants is also a great idea.

At Veld Architects, we have a holistic approach with regards to designing a home or revamp project. In doing so we are able to design with purpose and instill a healthy flow throughout.


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