Simplicity, Light and a Shed

Architectural Overview

In the design of this modern farmhouse we used innovative design rational to produce a modest, minimalist residential architecture result. Situated on a hill with mostly southern views, this home was designed to harness northern light whilst making the most of the southern views. As professional architects we have the ability to address challenges in terms of a site in order to harness the best potential. In order to harness the northern light a central courtyard was incorporated that also allowed for privacy. The home is a celebration of inside/outside living connecting the owners with the context. Creating a lifestyle where the spaces allow the owners to think and feel and realise the importance of their unique perception and impact on the environment.

Architect’s design philosophy and materials used

Different textures in finishings were employed to create interest, whilst the laser cut pergolas adorn the walls in the early morning and noon day sun with playful shadow patterns.  The views of the surrounding landscape is framed throughout the house, with horizontal slot windows; yet none more dramatic than the detailed entrance window light boxes that allow both light to protrude the space and create interesting views of the landscape.

The architectural detailing of the building is seamlessly interpreted in the interior, which allows for a well-balanced design aesthetic. One that both embraces the other, as well as the of natural landscape into a symbiotic relationship. As one of the top architectural firms in South Africa we are intrinsically involved in creating both sustainable homes but also spaces that are designed for the unique needs of our clients.

We wanted a spacious modern farmhouse style home that was humble but beautiful. That’s exactly what we got.
~ George
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