Ode to the Industrial Revolution

Architectural Overview

As exclusive architects in Johannesburg we developed the Veld Lifestyle that not only epitomises the aspirations of our clients but also carefully considers Green Architecture in terms of designing for the future.

We are the architects behind this exciting luxury industrial home, and we are proud of the various regenerative and sustainable design principles we were able to make use of in this project.

Technology, privacy & eco-friendliness

State of the art technologies have been implemented in this off-the-grid home. Being a pan handle site, creating privacy was a challenge. However, by using our expert knowledge of 20 years in the field we not only successfully created privacy but also integrated the building with its surrounds so that the owners could feel a part of every corner of the property. In this space inhabitants feel as if they are able to experience more of nature and less of the urban environment.

Architect’s design philosophy and materials used

The material palette used is low in maintenance and will therefore reduce the home’s carbon footprint over the long run. Detail design plays an intrinsic role in the success of a project. That’s why Veld Architects spends time and effort to produce meticulous, high-quality projects that will stand the test of time. It is our main goal to produce work that considers the environment as well as the inhabitants.  

Modern amenities

Some of the modern features of this home include a sauna, pizza oven and a custom-designed kitchen. Collaborative work on the various interior elements has created a strong sense of cohesion between the architecture and the interior.

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