Modern Established Farmhouse

Architectural Overview

The name says it all. This project is a modern architect’s take on the traditional farm-home.


This luxury home has been fitted with smart home technology to reduce its operational costs, improving its sustainability. In addition this technology also offers the residents more flexibility in terms of travel and control of their residence.

Architect’s design philosophy and materials used

The use of raw steel, glass and concrete led to the exploration of a modern home with larger openings and more framed views.

Solid concrete structures arrest the visitor on arrival providing framed Northern views of the roaming hills in the background. An evaporative cooling system was utilised for more cooling on hot summer days, which is a more eco-friendly approach. 

It also allows for doors to be opened and ventilation to occur, connecting the visitor with the context and nature.  Careful consideration is paid to the Feng Shui principles that formed the basis of the brief. Open plan living and entertaining form the backbone of this design with more private courtyards being introduced to create transitional space between indoor and outdoor living.

Your kind of architecture?

If you are dreaming of a home that is off-the-grid, eco-smart, sustainable and contemporary choose our team of exclusive architects.

We have the ability to transform your brief, add value by using smart home technologies, all the while being considerate to the environment. 

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