The House with a View

The House with a View

Architectural Overview

Veld Architects is an award-winning architecture studio in Johannesburg boasting a team of expert professional architects. We are inspired by new and experimental design principles, particularly within regenerative architecture.  This mid-century home is a testimony to the timelessness modern architecture can offer a building. Its steel and glass structure rests amiably in the rolling veld environs of Gauteng’s Monaghan Farm.  This home and office is the epitome of what the Veld Lifestyle is all about. A living breathing symbiotic building that evokes its inhabitants with feelings of contentment in space and place. From the eco pool to the herb garden, nature is encouraged to flourish.

Technology & eco-friendliness

Sustainable principles are applied through the use of off-the-grid, smart home systems. Innovative design leads to less energy consumed through the study and interpretation of sun angles and roof pitches as well as shading mechanisms (to mention but a few).  The design is strongly rooted in the sustainable ethos while the interior continues the architectural language throughout the house. Interior details were meticulously designed to celebrate the architecture. As a result the overall architectural language of the house is completely unique. Veld Architects collaborated on the design of the interior furnishing of this home in order to produce custom pieces that would complement and speak to the Veld Lifestyle. 

The kitchen forms the pivotal point of the design, whether hosting a gathering or a small intimate family dinner, it serves in functionality in addition to being an aesthetic masterpiece in the main living area. This area has large openable stacking doors that create a gallery framed view of the mountain ranges in the distance and connects the users with nature. As professional, exclusive architects, we are able to create custom, luxury home architecture projects that truly stand out from the rest. Our aim? To design unique homes that instil a sense of contentment in those who live there, while ensuring  multi-functional spaces that are able to adapt.

Why use a professional architect?

Veld Architects has the ability to create dream homes that are sustainable, have a low carbon footprint in terms of maintenance and provides people with a sense of belonging through the evoking of the senses that establish wellbeing.

~ Hannelie
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