House in the Valley

Architectural Overview

A home that pays homage to patio living. This residential architecture has a large central patio area that forms the heart of this home. In order for this design to tie into our a green architectural vision, we provided for additional top lights on the northern façade to allow for more airy central living that spills onto the patio. Bedrooms are tucked away in a private wing whilst the guest room allows visitors views over two private courtyards. Connecting visitors to nature by providing a sanctuary within the space. Situated in Waterfall Estate this house is securely enveloped within its context.

Architect’s design philosophy and materials used

The challenge was to design a home that could be private within this building envelope. A u-shaped home offered the privacy required. Sustainable principles were applied to ensure that the home remained comfortable to weather conditions all seasons of the year. Living around a central veranda finds its roots deeply etched in the South African context and this established the core success of this project. Folding stack doors ensure that areas may be closed off into smaller spaces or opened up to larger ones, creating spatial pockets where different entertainment can occur at the same time.

Modern elements such as steel pergolas are incorporated beside more traditional barn elements. Natural rock elements offer texture and visual emphasis to the material palette.

A client’s brief forms the basis of our design, which we believe leads to the success of a project and has enabled Veld Architects to become one of South Africa’s top architectural firms.

Our personal experience was that we loved the process of dreaming about and then building our own home. Many people see this as a once off life experience which leaves them scarred but we would do it over and over again! There is no doubt that a sound architectural approach lead to a better relationship between us and our builder and that this eliminated significant stresses along the way.”
~ Shannon
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