Deconstruction, of a House

Architectural Overview

As exclusive design architects we are able to interpret our clients’ requirements in unique ways to create the luxury homes that epitomize their ideals. This home is cradled on the northern slope of Drum Village. While we consider aesthetics using sustainable principles are the true driving factor behind our interesting and beautiful architectural spaces.

Technology & eco-friendliness

Off-the-grid solutions can be implemented through smart home technology to reduce the overall running costs of the home. Regenerative design principles are applied to allow for a low carbon footprint and eco-friendly approach. Working in conjunction with landscape architects we invite nature back and nurture the context back to its origin. 

Architect’s design philosophy and materials used

Layering of materials was utilised in the fragmented deconstruction from a solid form.

This home explores solid and void forms whilst being sensitive to the context in terms of views and functionality. The main open-plan living with a kitchen was specifically custom-made for the client, and forms the main backdrop to the entertainment area.  

Living green walls were incorporated both externally and internally to reemphasize the establishing of living close to nature. Veld Architects offers a lifestyle that leads owners back to the concept that a home adds to your health.

It should be a place to live, breathe and enjoy life in close proximity to nature. Courtyard living further encourages the inhabitants to experience an absence of distinction between inside and outside.

Following the correct methodology in the choice of materials such as double glazing, cavity walls, orientation, ventilation and many more lead to the successful habitation of spaces that create a space that owners can call home.  

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