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We are a modern architectural design firm in Johannesburg.

Veld Architects is a modern architectural design studio that specialises in the designing of bespoke luxury homes.

Our goal: To design buildings that not only bring endless joy but also have a cohesive relationship with nature. We do this by applying sustainable (eco-friendly), regenerative, and neuro-architecture disciplines.

Join the Veld Lifestyle, make your next home a Veld home.

An Architect's Musings

Architecture is constantly evolving and influenced by technology, science and of course, you! As we delve deeper into the principles (both new and old), which innovate the way we design and create, we share our findings in our blog.

For years #WorkingFromHome was something only remote staff, freelancers and consultants did. However, since Lockdown, working from home is a growing trend. So much so that the home office could perhaps have a permanent spot …
“Time to spring-clean” refers to more than just the sorting out and cleaning of everything inside the home. It is a metaphor for living a deeper, more meaningful and healthier life. We do this by …
“Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended with diligence.” – Abigail Adams Over centuries, the buildings humans live, work and come together in have evolved considerably. What …

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